Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the harm in moving on

So In light of my new "philosophy" concerning my confidence and daily life and whatnot, I've decided to apply a new concept to a recent situation that's been going on. There's been an extremely attractive guy in one of my college classes and to say the least, we hit it off pretty quickly. Of course at the time, I was seeing someone and despite the yearning in my heart, I couldn't let the situation go too far. He got the hint and my perfect, motor-cycle riding, tattooed, business managing colleague was after someone else before the semester was over. Just found out recently how much of a player he was anyway, and I definitely don't need that. But today I had a thought: it always felt so good to wake up early before school, pick out a sweet outfit and put my best face on. It felt amazing to know I was being looked at, to know I was wanted. But recently this feeling has dwindled with the loss of this guy's affections and it almost was enough to take away my Monday/Wednesday pleasure  of sitting pretty.

Now here's my revelation: why should this affect me? what's the harm in looking good everyday? In putting extra effort to feel that much more confident? though this time Im not dressing for him, Im dressing for me! but for him still...if that makes sense. I like feeling pretty, I like getting pretty. So why should it stop? who says I need to go back to the "this will do" attitude I've begun having just because he doesn't like me. Does the rest of the world not matter? Do I not matter? SO I'm gonna dress to kill as often as I can and do my makeup and wear perfume as if every class I walk into has eyes on me. Giving myself a boost of confidence and a feeling of attention and earnestly believing it to be so!

Plus I have to admit, the selfish side of me wants to make this guy a teeeeny bit jealous ;)

make him wish...

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